At Keller Bros & Miller, Inc we pride ourselves on craftsmanship. In today's market the condition and performance of a companies equipment plays a considerable role in the final quality, service and even price of a product.

Pre Press
Macintosh & PC Workstations
Nexus RIP
Screen 8600 PTR Full Format Platesetter with In-Line Agfa C125 Processor
Agfa Flat Bed Scanner
HP Design Jet 5500 with Doubleproof
Epson 9900 UltraChrome Proofer with EFI Rip & Gracol Calibrated Spectrophotometer

Digital Printing
Xerox 700i Digital Press with Professional Finisher Driven by a Fiery Rip Xerox 700 Digital Press with Advanced Finisher Driven by a Fiery Rip
ProFusion Variable Data Software
Xerox Docutech 120 with In-Line Finishing

Traditional Offset Printing
Heidelberg 6c SM102-6P3+L 40"
Heidelberg 2c 102ZP 40" Perfector
Ryobi 2c 3302 12x17.5"

45" Prism P115 Paper Cutter with Micro Cut
26" Polar Mohr 66 Paper Cutter
Weldotron Shrink Wrapper
GBC 25" Laminator
Acme Stitcher
Challenge Drill
Rosback Stitcher
Ultrafold Folder
Baum 2020 Folder
Stahl B30 Continuous Feed Folder
Graphic Wizard Crease Master plus
Graphic Wizard 6W8000
Wire-Coil, Velobind & GBC Capababilites

Mail Services
MCS Array Imaging System with In-Line Adphos Dryer, Buskro Tabber
& Cheshire Conveyor
Astro Tabber
Mail Manager 2010
Mail Crafters Inserter
SM 2000 Auto Strapper
JiaIn Semi-Auotmated Strapper

An addition of 5,400 sq. ft. allows for the completion of specialty packing, hand finishing processes and finished goods storgage.

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