Keller Bros. & Miller, Inc has occupied its current address since 1922.  In 1999 we purchased the vacant and already decrepit property of 399 Franklin Street. This building known as the Horton House was constructed around 1880.  Over time the original home was joined to the carriage house in the back and became a low-income apartment building.  When the curator passed in 1996 the already decaying property was left vacant until its eventual demolition in 2007.  It took 8 years of plotting and planning with the City of Buffalo Preservation Board until approval was given to proceed with our plans.  399 has been demolished and replaced with a structure that occupies the entire footprint of the property.  This structure has been constructed as an addition to and in the spirit of structure at 401 Franklin.  As part of the plans with the Preservation Board 401 Franklin was restored to its original 1880 livery stable design. A wood carved statue of the streets namesake and the nations most renowned printer, Ben Franklin resides on display in front of our newly restored shop.  Links to some community articles and blogs that discuss the project are:

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